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मध्य पश्चिमाञ्चल विश्व विद्यालय

Mid-Western University


Mid-Western University

Mid-Western University (MWU) is an autonomous and public institution of higher learning with the mission to serve the people of Nepal and enrich the global learning community by extending the advantages of higher education. Established by the Government of Nepal with a Parliament Act on June 17, 2010 A. D.

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  • History

    The formal journey of the establishment of Mid-Western University is dated form 2052 BS.

  • Mission

    Mid-Western University can be articulated into four dimensions which define the University

  • Vision

    Mid-Western University strives to be a Centre of Academic Excellence in teaching and scholarship

Message from Vice-Chancellor

Welcome to Mid-Western University! It’s my remarkable pleasure to present you the Mid-Western University as a destination of excellent academic institution. - Prof. Dr. Nanda Bahadur Singh, Vice-Chancellor

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