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मध्य पश्चिमाञ्चल विश्व विद्यालय

Mid-Western University

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Message from Vice-Chancellor

Prof. Dr. Upendra Kumar Koirala

“Dedication, devotion, determination and discipline are the keys to develop and sustain professionalism”.|
Welcome to Mid-Western University!!

It’s my remarkable pleasure to present you the Mid-Western University as a

destination of excellent academic institution. The Government of Nepal incorporated this university under the promulgation of Mid-Western University Act in 2010.

Mid-Western University is a newly recognized institution by the joint effort of local people of Mid-Western region in general and Surkhet in particular to impart quality and sustainable education with the concept of regional balance in educational opportunities.

Mid-Western University in the speculation of government of Nepal for making accessible opportunity of quality education to general public in Arts, Science, Law, Management, Education, Technology and other Vocational subjects; to operate higher level educational institutions through the maximum participation of private sectors in higher education in order to enhance quality and standard of education on competitive basis as per multi-university concept and to make academic and educational atmosphere of the country more fair, disciplined and result-oriented.

Having aim of expanding the intellectual and professional horizons of our students by promoting global engagement at large and preparing them for careers, leadership and lifelong learning in a changing world.

Mid-Western University is committed to become a Center of Academic Excellence in learning, teaching and research guided by the view to provide worth and job oriented education to the students; Intensifying high quality academic programs and courses offered by Mid-Western University  are designed in a way to meet these requirements and standards in every possible area.

Let’s join hands and move together for the development of the global culture of academia.

Thanking you all !

Prof. Upendra Kumar Koirala, MBA, Ph.D

Vice Chancellor