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मध्य पश्चिमाञ्चल विश्व विद्यालय

Mid-Western University


The formal journey of the establishment of Mid-Western University is dated form 2052 BS in the leadership of District Development Committee Surkhet. The historical decision was made in the same year by the District Development Committee Federation Nepal held in Dang to establish university in Surkhet.


The university establishment movement was led by then chairperson of DDC Surkhet Mr. Govinda Bahadur Malla and Bal Krishna B.C. After that Mr. Bhushan Kumar Manandhar has been leading as the chairperson of the Mid-Western University establishment committee organized by local people and created pressure to the government by the delegation time and again. Maudagalya Sewa Samaj organized Mahayagya to collect the fund from 2065 Phalgun 27 to Chaitra 4.


Due to the continuous effort and pressure of the people the government was forced to organize three taskforces and their reports:


i) Crew for feasibility Study for the establishment of university in the mid-western region (2059) ;


ii) Crew for primary format Preparation of Mid-Western University (2061) and


iii) taskforce team for preparing the report of proposed Mid-Western University (2064).


These all three taskforce highlighted the need of establishment of Mid-Western University in Surkhet. Ultimately the government formally decided to establish Mid-Western University on 16thPhalgun, 2065.


As per the decision, the act of Mid-Western University was promulgated on 3rd Asar, 2067 B.S. Birendranagar Multiple Campus and Public Science Campus has been formally merged in the Mid-Western University as per the act but Surkhet Campus (Education) has not been merged yet which is still in the process of merging. The university has started semester based programs from winter session of 2069 BS after one year of recruitment of Vice-Chancellor.


In this globe of the diversity, multicultural as well as multidimensional practices have been in existence and the university aims to address this computational world with relevancy of presence. Mid-western University is to fulfill its’ responsibility of making higher education accessible to the people of this region and the globe. People who contributed in establishing this university a centre of Academic Excellence are highly honored. Guided by the view to provide quality and job oriented education to the students, academic programs and courses offered by MU are designed in a way to meet these requirements and standards in every possible area.