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मध्य पश्चिमाञ्चल विश्व विद्यालय

Mid-Western University


Mid-Western University is an autonomous institution whose mission is to expand the advantages of higher education to the people of Nepal and the overall learning community, in its role as a Centre for the advancement, dissemination and use of knowledge.


The Mission of Mid-Western University can be articulated into four dimensions which define the University as a:

  • A Centre of Academic Excellence that promotes quality education with the highest academic standards;
  • A source for creation and dissemination of knowledge through teaching, research and creative inquiry;
  • A powerful engine for promoting collective transformation, meaningful enhancement of the society, economic growth and sustainable development of the nation and the global learning community;
  • A resource for community service and outreach, international initiative and cooperation. 


In line with these principles, the University aims at becoming a Centre of Academic Excellence that promotes the production and dissemination of knowledge, as well as the implementation of research findings for the benefit of the overall community.


Recognizing the international character of modern higher education, the University aims in fact at maintaining programs and standards which are fully comparable with any similar system of higher learning, thereby making it possible for promising Nepali students to obtain quality higher education without going abroad.


The highest aspiration of the University is to provide quality education in a way that promotes the holistic development of the students’ abilities and personality, enhances the knowledge of the youth in a spirit of understanding, universally shared principles and dedication for best serving the common good.


The University strives to educate students to become committed citizens by increasing their problem solving, leadership and teamwork abilities, and inspiring in them the value of societal commitment, ethical behavior and respect for others. As education shapes human life and the type of society we live in, improving the quality of life for everyone in the nation represents an essential commitment for Mid-Western University.


Understanding that a major motivation for students to attend a university is the preparation for a future profession and career, the University aims at bridging the world of thoughts and ideas with the world of practice and action, by preparing skilled and qualified students that are able to assume responsible positions in the society and actively contribute to the national development.


To enhance the educational standards, Mid-Western University aims at establishing fruitful partnership and collaboration with universities and higher education institutions of international reputation, for the overall welfare of both the academic faculty members and students. The Institution encourages the active participation of its community members in exchange programs and their contribution in joint research projects. To this regards, Mid-Western University  intends to set up in the near future credit transfer schemes for facilitating the recognition of academic activities among its partner universities.


The University strives to achieve these ends by pursuing the advantages of a culturally diverse and newly emerging academic Institution, open to the exchange of ideas where discovery, creativity, and personal and professional development can flourish.