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मध्य पश्चिमाञ्चल विश्व विद्यालय

Mid-Western University


Mid-Western University strives to be a Centre of Academic Excellence in teaching and scholarship, at the service of the people of Nepal and the global learning community, by promoting a culture based on dedicated teaching, continuous learning, creativity and cutting-edge research, with the highest academic standards.


This Vision reflects the Mission of the University to expand the advantages of quality higher education to the people of State No. 6 of Nepal to the nation and the broader global learning community, in its role as a Center for the advancement, dissemination and use of knowledge.


Mid-Western University holds in fact the ambitious vision to shape the Academic Identity of the whole State No. 6 and the country in general. The Institution considers itself as an agent of socio-cultural transformation and powerful engine for economic growth, innovation and sustainable development of the State No. 6, the country and the world that the University serves.