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मध्य पश्चिमाञ्चल विश्व विद्यालय

Mid-Western University


The Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences (FHSS)

Mr. Khopiram Lamsal

Prof. Khopiram Lamsal

The Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences (FHSS) is a constituent Faculty of Mid-Western University and it is located in Birendranagar Municipality, in Surkhet District, Nepal. The Faculty has been recently established with the aim to impart education and practical skills in theoretical and applied areas of humanities, social science as well as fine arts.

Guided by the vision to enhance students’ intellectual horizons and practical commitments , the Faculty of Humanities and Social Science is committed to constantly explore creative ways of further developing its academic offer and expand student exchanges and internship programs. Consistent with the University’s mission to enhance educational standards, the Faculty is working to establish cooperation and partnership with renowned international Universities and higher education institutions.

Cooperation with partner universities represents an asset to promote mobility of faculty members and students, carry out joint research projects and promote sharing of best practices and innovative ideas for the overall benefit of University’s teaching and learning community.

The Faculty of Management (FOM)

Dr. Masta Bahadur Garanja

Dr. Masta Bahadur Garanja

The Faculty of Management (FOM) is a constituent faculty of Mid-Western University and is located at Birendranagar Municipality, in the District of Surkhet, Nepal. Situated in the very heart of Mid-Western Region, the Faculty operates in one of the most stimulating and culturally reach environment in Nepal. Studying in Birendranagr means experiencing a unique social, economic and cultural learning opportunity.

The learning process is not just about what is taught within the physical confines of a classroom, but it flourishes on challenges and inputs both inside and outside the Academic Institution. Recently established, the Faculty is dedicated to become a Centre of Academic Excellence in Management Studies and occupy a leading position in the higher education sector. The Faculty seeks to anticipate future business directions and is constantly engaged in the global business management environment, trying to promote a culture that trusts the power of knowledge, ideas and intellect.

The Faculty of Management houses innovative programs, both at the undergraduate and master’s levels, which are adaptable and accessible to diverse typology students and learning needs, and integrate classroom experience with real-world learning. The curriculum of each program is built on an integrated and interdisciplinary model that combines research, practice, and teaching. The Faculty believes that an integrated and holistic management approach can help to promote world-wise and responsible leadership, and prepare students to successfully manage and lead in today’s increasingly interconnected world. The Faculty firmly believes in its mission of preparing future business leaders. To pursue this mission, the Institute combines entrepreneurial and flexibility skills with the guidance of the universal values of being ethical, striving for integrity and being respectful of human dignity.

In fulfillment of its educational mission, the Faculty of Management has tried from the beginning to maintain close communication with the surrounding environment and beneficiaries. The Faculty in fact promotes in all spheres close cooperation and partnership with industrial, commercial and academic establishments locally, nationally and internationally. This responsiveness to the social environment is also reflected in the typology and variety of programs of studies that the Faculty offers at graduate and post- graduate levels.

Faculty of Education(FOE) 

Mr. Yam Bahadur Karki

Mr. Yam Bahadur Karki

Mid-Western University Faculty of Education has been running undergraduate and graduate programs in different subject areas. As per the Mission of the faculty it has been putting several academic and research based activities into action.






Faculty of Science and Technology(FST)

Prof. Dr. Deba Bahadur Khadka

Prof. Dr. Deba Bahadur Khadka

Mid-Western University Faculty of Science and Technology has been running undergraduate programs in different subject areas. From this year this faculty introduced graduate program in Physics. As per the Mission of the faculty it has been putting several academic and research based activities into action.






Faculty of Engineering(FOE)

Er. Ananta Raj Ghimire


The Faculty of Engineering is a young and dynamic Faculty, which aims to teach a diverse and successful portfolio of undergraduate and postgraduate courses. The Faculty has been recently established with an emphasis on Computer Science and Information Technology. Located in Birendranagar Municipality, in the District of Surkhet, the Faculty is itself in a development phase and many technology related fields have been initiated.

The Faculty of Engineering exists for the main purpose of serving the nation by providing high quality research oriented Schools and departments and by offering study programs in various engineering fields from Bachelor to Master’s degree, and will soon become a driving force behind development in Nepal.

Through the advancement of education, research and scholarship, the Faculty aims at forming intellectually competent graduates who are practical and responsible persons, with a scientific and humanistic mind, and able to solve unknown problems with dedication, confidence, and ethics.

The Faculty promotes strong research and collaboration with professional bodies, industrial partners, governments, academic institutions, science foundations as well as national and international research institutes, so as to extend its impact to the region and at global level.